Goddess Asha



TEL: 07810407017



There is a difference between session subs/basic and lifestyle subs. Session subs are provided a service. 

Lifestyle subs are chosen to serve ME. To be one of MINE, there must be TOTAL OBEDIENCE, respect, loyalty, cleanliness and discretion. Sessions with ME are all consensual and we will be agreed. 

At either level, you are a guest in My world and once I allow you there, you will know that I care. Discretion is paramount. I will respect you and expect loyalty and total obedience in return.

I define loyalty through honesty; be honest about what you’ve done or want to do. You may just be granted your desire but you will only know once you’ve asked. If I consider you as someone under my wing, I expect you to consider me as the person guiding you. I expect you to represent me at every stage, not allowing anyone to besmirch my name or character.

I possess a seductive persona and whilst I prefer the more extreme forms of consensual play, I also relish in playing with novices who yearn to find their true place – at the feet of a Dominant Woman.


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