Goddess Asha

The London Lock Up

Location - SW London

Open day confinement and restraints experience with optional interrogation roleplay.

Join Goddess Asha & Miss Kitty Bliss for The London Lock-Up, being hosted in North London EN5

Dream of being left to the devices of 2 beautiful Dominant Ladies?

Be locked up and confined in a variety of ways, held at our pleasure and mercy.

Imagine being restrained and treated like a prisoner. Left with your own thoughts, not knowing if and when we might return and what may await you as you sit in your cell, are bundled in a cage or maybe attached to joists to consider the consequences of your actions as you hear your chains rattle and rub against you. 

‘The slam of your prison door, the  scraping of locks being closed and the familiar click of a key turning… footsteps falling away as they depart and you are left in solitary confinement in quiet contemplation.’

Caged, cells, rope tied, handcuffs, armbinders, saran wrapped, leather cuffs, chained and more!

This event is held once a month and is scheduled on the following dates, between the hours of 12pm and 8pm:

London Lock Up Date for 2019

Friday 8th March

Thursday 25th April

Monday 13th May 

Wednesday 19th June 

Tuesday 9th July 

Tuesday 20th August 

Wednesday 25th September 

Monday 21st October 

Thursday 21st November

​​​​​​​Friday 6th December 

Minimum 2 hour booking at just £60 per hour
Plus the option of a half day booking at £200 (4hrs) or full day booking at £350 (8hrs)
Optional interrogation time £200.
Also option of overnight stay by prior arrangement.

As stated this event is primarily confinement, bondage and restraint based, other activities are not guaranteed and the optional interrogation is a small designated element to your day.

There may be other inmates / captives present during your incarceration but you are not expected to interact (unless otherwise stated).

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  • All cage and activity transfers will be blindfolded to avoid visual contact with other inmates (unless all parties consenting to no blindfolds).


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